Tzoumerka: Half Day Tour (Close Proximity)

Villages to Discover:

  1. Kostitsi
  2. Elliniko
  3. Kalentzi

Discover our close proximity treasures! Start your day by completing a small hike to the Chapel of our village St.  Ilias. This will take you only 15 minutes to get too. The Chapel has an altitude of 950 meters. You will get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Chapel and see the Delta formed between the Kalarrytikos river and the Arachthos river. Apart from that you will understand where exactly we are located and the distances from us to important must see places of the area. To find the Chapel please exit the hotel from the main entrance, turn left and follow the blue sign. Then, you will see the last house of our village which you do not enter but instead you turn right up. You will see another sign there.

Continue your day by visiting the Elliniko village, a traditional village of the area; the house of the Theodoros Papagiannis Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tsouka Monastery. Complete a guided tour within the Museum, where the well-known sculptor and his team have placed their work which speaks about Epirus and its history! Theodoros Papagiannis turned his old school into a Museum where he proudly houses some of his most renowned works.

Afterwards, get to see the Tsouka Monastery which was built in 1190, destroyed in 1736 and re-built in 1779. The Monastery is built by the Arachthos river gorge where one can enjoy the magnificent views of the rivers. On your way you will also admire some of the sculptures of Mr. Theodoros Papagianis.

You can finish your tour by completing a hiking tour from Kalentzi village to the springs of Klifki. This is a beautiful downhill hike to our closest waterfalls. Enjoy the beauty of nature! Please have a look at the suggested hiking path named, Kalentzi-Springs of Klifki for further information regarding the path itself.