Tzoumerka: 1 Full Day Tour

Villages to discover:

  1. Katarraktis
  2. Agnanta
  3. Pramanta
  4. Kalarrytes
  5. Syrrako

Start your day by visiting the village of Katarraktis and the twin waterfalls taking place only 5km north of the village (make sure there is enough water). The village took its name from these beautiful waterfalls.

Then, worth visiting is the The Activities Centre (TAC) in Agnanta where you can enjoy all kinds of activities indoor and outdoor. A suggested option for lunch in Agnanta could be the tavern “Ta Tzoumerka”. Continue your journey and make a stop at the Anemotrypa Cave which you will find on your left hand side on your way to the village of Pramanta. A suggested option for lunch in Pramanta could be the tavern “Boutzas”.

After your break head towards Kalarrytes and on your way stop at the Monastery of Kipina, a Monastery built on a rock in on a vertical cliff and the Kouiasa Bridge which you will find closely after the Monastery. Park your car on your right hand side of the road and walk for 7-10 minutes towards the waterfalls.

Lastly, a pleasant walk through the stone – made village of Kalarrytes, where the famous jewellery maker Bulgari originates from, should not be missed. A recommended tip would be to stop at “Napoleon’s” for a sip of the locally produced tsipouro or else grappa.

Your day should end with a visit to Syrrako, the famous village where Krystallis, a Greek Poet came from and its beautiful Chapel of St. George just before the village. Both Kalarrytes and Syrrako, are considered the most beautiful villages of Tzoumerka in terms of their traditional architecture.

A suggested route to return to Hotel Princess Lanassa is through Prosilio, if you would like to choose a different route for your return.