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Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka: Mountain Refuge Melissourgoi – Kefalovriso Waterfalls – Mountain Refuge Melissourgoi Walks in our Village, Kostitsi (Short Distance/Easy) Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka: Kostitsi Village – Lisia Bridge (Arachthos River) – Elliniko Village (Moderate-Difficult) Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka (Close to Hotel): Kalentzi – Springs of Klifki (Easy-Moderate) Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka (By the River of Arachthos): Vidra’s Trail (Plaka Bridge – Tzari Bridge), (Easy-Moderate) Tzoumerka: Half Day Tour (Close Proximity) Tzoumerka: 1 Full Day Tour Dodoni & Ioannina: What to See & Do Mountain Bike or 4×4 Jeep Tour: Xirovouni