Mountain Bike or 4×4 Jeep Tour: Xirovouni

The beginning of the route is only a 15 minute drive from Hotel Princess Lanassa. The route to Xirovouni covers approximately 22km and can be completed with a 4×4 jeep or by bicycle. Xirovouni is a mountain with a maximum altitude of 1.614 meters. From the top of the mountain, one can see the Tzoumerka Mountains and the Arachthos valley. To the south one can see the the Amvrakikos bay and the island of Koronissia, to the west the Mountain of Olytsika and to the north the Peristeri mountain. The flora of the mountain is rich in herbs such as mountain tea, oregano and savoury.

Length of the Trail: 22 Km

Duration of Trail with return (including a 4×4 jeep): 1.30h

Altitude: Kalentzi 590m – Springs of Goura 1350m

Type of Route: Off Road & On Road (very few km).

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Recommended Time of Visit: All Year Round


Description of the Trail

The route starts from the village square of Kalentzi and goes east towards Pramada (On Road). After a 4.6 km drive there is a junction that leads uphill to Xerovouni (39°28’47.62″ , 20°59’52.38″). After 1.2 km drive there is another junction (39°28’25.20″ ,  20°59’41.93″) where the road ends and the off road begins to the right. After a 4.2 km drive the chapel of Saint Marina is reached.


The way back is exactly the same but at the junction (39°28’25.20″ ,  20°59’41.93″) head to the right and after 5.5km arrive at another junction  (39°26’29.76″ ,  20°59’34.56″).  Head right and after 0.6 km arrive at the Chapel of Prophet Ilias. Below you can see the sign for the junction of Prophet Ilias and Springs of Goura.

From the Chapel of Prophet Ilias it is possible to follow the path on foot to the summit of Xirovouni. This will take about 40 minutes but offers an excellent Panoramic view of the whole region, from Ioannina to beyond the Tzoumerka Mountains. Then return the same way and at the junction (39°28’25.20″ ,  20°59’41.93″), head left and after 0.9 km arrive at the Springs of Goura.

Pass by the Springs of Goura on the right and continue straight ahead, climb on the rocks to the left and enjoy the view of the Tzoumerka Mountains and the Arachthos valey. Return the same way and reach the main road after 9.1km and at the junction (39°28’47.62″ , 20°59’52.38″) turn left towards Kalentzi.