Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka: Kalentzi-Springs of Klifki

The Trail starts from the village of Kalentzi and goes down to the springs of Klifki. The distance from Kalentzi to the Springs and back is approximately 4,2Km and can be done on foot. A vehicle can be driven up to the point where the incline of the trail becomes steeper, and can be parked there, (39°29’45.43″ , 21° 0’20.79″).

Length of the Trail: 4.2 Km

Duration of Trail with return (including a vehicle): 1h 30’

Altitude: Kalentzi 590m – Springs of Klifki 300m

Type of Route: On & Off Road (on road is cement)

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Recommended Time of Visit: All Year Round

Description of the Trail

The route starts from the village square of Kalentzi and heads eastwards to a country road, (can be driven) which reaches the beginning of the path to the springs of Klifki. Before the incline of the on road trail becomes steeper, the vehicle should be parked (if exists), (a Greek sign will be found). In about 5 minutes distance from the part where the trail goes downhill a gazebo will be seen where one will be able to admire the breathtaking view of the Arachthos River.

After a 4o minutes hiking, a crossroad will be met (39°29’46.57″ , 21° 0’34.19″) where by taking a left turn a beautiful large natural reservoir will be reached. This gathers water from the cave and the gorge and as a result forms a 47 meter waterfall as well as a few meter smaller ones which all end in the river of Arachthos.

By returning back to the crossroad (39°29’46.57″ , 21°0’34.19″) and by hiking some more meters, a water tank will be met. Moreover, by continuing on the left route the off road path leads to a traditional watermill. The picture below shows how the traditional watermill looks like. After an additional 5 minutes walk downhill the off road path ends at the bank of the Arachthos river.

When you reach the Arachthos river, make sure you take a right along the river, walk for 3 minutes along the river and when you see small waterfalls on your right hand side take another right up. This will lead you to the last waterfall of the Klifki’s springs which is very beautiful. This path is considered to be an ideal stop for a picnic by the river before the grand return.

The route to return is the same as the one followed to go down. The only difference is that the return is uphill hence, a stop at the gazebo is recommended. The parking will be found on your left hand side. If a vehicle is used, the hike will end there. If however, no vehicle is used the hike continues until the main village square of Kalentzi.