Walks in our Village, Kostitsi (Short Distance/Easy)

Walks to Discover in Kostitsi Village: Chapel of Prophet Ilias Wells & Chapel of St. Minas The Chapel […]

Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka (Close to Hotel): Kalentzi – Springs of Klifki (Easy-Moderate)

The Trail starts from the village of Kalentzi a 10 minute drive from Hotel Princess Lanassa and goes […]

Hiking Trail in Tzoumerka (By the River of Arachthos): Vidra’s Trail (Plaka Bridge – Tzari Bridge), (Easy-Moderate)

The Vidra trail starts just after the Plaka bridge. It is a beautiful trail by the river of […]

Tzoumerka: Half Day Tour (Close Proximity)

Villages to Discover: Kostitsi Elliniko Kalentzi Discover our close proximity treasures! Start your day by completing a small […]

Tzoumerka: 1 Full Day Tour

Villages to discover: Katarraktis Agnanta Pramanta Kalarrytes Syrrako Start your day by visiting the village of Katarraktis and […]

Dodoni & Ioannina: What to See & Do

Start your day by visiting the Ancient Theatre of Dodoni, the largest and best preserved Ancient Greek Theatre! […]

Mountain Bike or 4×4 Jeep Tour: Xirovouni

The beginning of the route is only a 15 minute drive from Hotel Princess Lanassa. The route to […]